Library sales, friends and a few good books

I love frequenting the bookstore, local shops and the used book stores in my area but nothing is more exciting than a library sale in my opinion! I have a good friend who works at a local library and always reminds me when their sale is coming up. She understands fully the importance of planning ahead for a library sale- and not missing it! I am lucky to have so many book loving friends in my life, ones who appreciate a good book or book discussion and love the thrill of walking into a room filled with boxes of books, not knowing what you may find! 

I think I did pretty well Monday night (we all did) and I thought I would share my finds! (See Above!)
One of the best things about a good library sale is that (usually) the books are pretty cheap and you can be a bit ambitious with titles you've maybe heard of before but weren't sure you'd like. Or in my case, you can grab a book you know you've wanted to read for fifty cents and then go home and find out its already on your shelf. What can you do?! And for fifty cents, its not the end of the world. 
Sometimes I find books by authors I love or have heard of before but didn't realize they had written other books! That's always fun! And while I usually check the Goodreads ratings before I buy anything, if I've loved the author in the past Ill just grab it (like Amy Tan!!). 
The other great thing is when you find that one elusive book you've been waiting to find for YEARS. And then you grab it kinda like a crazy person and put it in your bag and then look around to see if anyone was going to grab it before you. I've been searching for The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah ever since I read it two years ago and while I could have just splurged and bought it on Amazon, I felt like part of the fun was waiting to see if I could find one. Success! Happy dance. 
And last but not least, is finding pretty colorful books you've seen posted on Instagram that you've wondered about. All three of these I've seen shared by other readers but haven't made time to add to my TBR or wanted to buy myself. Finding them for a few dollars was really exciting and Im looking forward to giving them each a chance! They are each a collection of short stories too, which I've been enjoying reading from other authors. And I do love Helen Oyeyemi! I've read two of her other novels in the last year, so I am sure this one won't disappoint. 

And thats it! I've shared other library hauls in the past on my Instagram feed but I felt my trip Monday night was worth a few extra photos! 

xo, R. 


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