The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedgwick

The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedgwick caught my eye partially because the cover is intriguing and also because a review I read compared it to The Time Traveler's Wife (LOVE). I purchased this soon after it was released, taking a gamble on both of those things that I would love it. I wasn't wrong!

Again, a well written setting is one of the things that will keep me going in a story and this one did not disappoint, being that it revolved around various comets throughout time. I love books that travel generations, especially when there is something significant linking them together. In this case, the comets.

Roisin and Francois captivated me not through their own present day story, but the numerous instances in which they crossed paths prior to actually meeting in Antartica. It made me wonder if you would sense something like that, in another person, all those previous encounters before you "knew" them. If some fiber of your being would be able to connect those dots regardless of your knowing.

Pair that with ghosts of relatives past, all connected through the comets, oh gosh. I couldn't get enough of these stories! I loved traveling back in time and meeting each family member, watching their story unfold under another miraculous comet in the sky.

I think this book is highly underrated, I've hardly heard mention of it anywhere and am SO glad I came across it. Sedgwick's storytelling, crafting all of these events into a larger picture and connecting two people over time, was masterful. I cannot wait to read this one again, more slowly this time.

The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedgwick
302 pages
Published by Harper Collins


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