More Than Words by Jill Santopolo

Thank you to the publisher for my free copy!

I enjoyed More Than Words. It is a very heartfelt story, more so if you take the time to read the author's note at the end. I caught myself a few times while I was reading this thinking how this would make the sweetest movie. The story itself felt a little slow at the start, but I wasn't sure what to expect going in (based on the pace of Santopolo's first book). Once I got into the story, the pacing felt perfect. I also feel like I could have gotten to know Nina a little better as a character- a lot happened to her in a short span of time during the story, but the emotion was there and that really carried the story for me. All in all, Nina's tale of finally finding out who she is and what she wants following the death of her father read as an honest portrayal and is something I would recommend to readers who enjoy heartfelt and emotional stories. 


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