The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders

Thank you to Amazon Publishing for my free copy of The Rule of One by Ashley and Leslie Saunders. All options are my own.

There was a time a few years ago when I was on a dystopian YA kick and read ALL the books and ALL the series. I was hooked! So many great stories to get mildly obsessed with and share with my friends who also love YA. Then somewhere along the way I got a little burnt out and stopped reading any YA at all.

When I was contacted about reading The Rule of One I realized just how long it had been since I delved into the world of dystopian YA. I gave The Rule of One a try and am so glad I did! The premise, a future where America's states are divided, where walls are put up along the borders and families are only permitted one child....felt like it was hitting a bit too close to home sometimes. I was hooked right from the beginning! Twin sisters, who trade places every day being Ava and must keep the secret that they are twins from the entire world. A resistance brewing in the background. All the markers of a great YA dystopian! The story itself picked up after a few chapters as the girls' identity as twins is uncovered and Mira is finally allowed to be herself out in the world. I finished The Rule of One in just a few days and have already recommended it to a few friends who also enjoy YA fiction. It felt similar to Matched and Delirium in a lot of ways, two YA series that I enjoyed reading a few years ago.

The authors, twin sisters themselves, wrote such a unique story. The details, down to exchanging fingerprints and some of the advanced technology in this futuristic version of our world, were so clever. I'm curious about what happens to Ava and Mira and their father next and can't wait for the second book!


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