August Reads

My August reading stack is on the smallish side, thanks to just general crazy life stuff that happened this month. I'm honestly impressed that I read as many books as I did this month. Many thanks to that lovely beach vacation we took the first week of August! I'm actually still reading a few books I started this month and will include those in my September reads once I am finished with them. Here are a few quick thoughts about each one.

The Lido by Libby Page: Hands down favorite of this month. I gave it four stars on Goodreads and will forever hold a special place for it in my heart. It was just the feel good read I needed this month!

The Summer I Met Jack by Michelle Gable: Loved this story, it was such a fun read to immerse myself in for a while. Hyannisport in the summer, the fifties and sixties, Hollywood and the Kennedys! It was a great escape while I was sitting on the beach! I gave it four stars on Goodreads. 

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh: This was such a unique premise for a story! It had a slow start but left me hooked by the end and even made me tear up a bit. Im glad I saved this one for sitting by the pool! I gave it three and a half stars on Goodreads.  

Horse by Talley English: A debut novel with a beautifully written and poetic type of storytelling. I enjoyed getting swept up in Teagan's coming of age feelings, her relationship with her horse and the emotions that she struggled to make sense of. I gave it three and a half stars on Goodreads. 


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