Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day

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If you're looking for a short, sweet and romantic read THIS IS IT folks. At just 187 pages, I flew through Butterfly in Frost one afternoon during nap time. I couldn't put it down! And goodness gracious, the STEAMINESS. So much push and pull of tension and steam- it left me turning pages fast and hoping for that moment when both characters finally give in to each other fully. This is my first Sylvia Day book (novella really) and let me tell you, she can write a darn fine male character with just enough male ruggedness, brooding past and tenderness to keep you breathless through the story.

Butterfly in Frost follows Teagan as she navigates life post divorce and leaving her profession, trying to find love and hope amidst her loneliness, grief and pain. Garret has his own dark past which makes the tension between them even more intense. And the twist at the end left me so surprised! It really had me rethinking the entire story and how it changed my feelings about both characters.

I enjoyed reading this short, but sweet story! Sylvia Day wrote such a moving story in very few pages and I honestly would've loved to dive deeper into each of the characters. Novellas and short stories always leave me feeling this way! Definitely pick up Butterfly in Frost if you want a short, steamy read with a twist!

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