Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

I am so excited to share with you Kerry Lonsdale's LAST SUMMER (Thank you Amazon Publishing for the free book!). One of the things I love most about summer is getting a chance to stay up a bit later after my kiddos are in bed to swing on my porch swing with a good book. Especially when its a book I can't put down! I end up staying out until the bugs come looking for me, unwilling to stop reading.

Last Summer, one of Amazon Publishing's newest summer titles, is one of those books! Captivating and hard to put down it tells the story of a pregnant mother who loses her unborn child in a terrible car accident. With a near perfect memory of everything up until the months before the accident leave her feeling lost and confused. Her selective memory loss sends her traveling with her husband through the Pacific coast of Alaska and gives her the opportunity to realize that maybe she should leave what she can't remember alone.

Read this book! Its unputdownable and one you'll fly through in a single summer evening. Its also available for Kindle download along side Kerry Lonsdale's other titles. And don't forget to check out Amazon Publishing's amazing summer titles!


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