School for Psychics by K.C. Archer

I'd like to thank Simon Books for my advance copy of School for Psychics by K.C. Archer!

Lately Ive felt like a lot of my reading has been a bit on the heavy side. Sometimes that comes with the territory, since historical fiction is my favorite genre, but after a few books I often times need to give my emotions bit of a break! Finding the perfect easy story to escape into is such a breath of fresh air. 

School for Psychics by K. C. Archer was just that book for me last week! I picked it up at the recommendation from Dana at Simon and Schuster. Instantly, the main character and quick paced story line had me hooked. I read this one easily in about three days and will definitely pick up the next book in the series. I found the plot interesting and it kept me guessing at times, although certain aspects of the story were predictable. I didn't find myself particularly invested in the main character but she was likable enough that I was rooting for her in the end.  

If you enjoy a quick, fast paced read with a cast of characters who may or may not be who they seem, this is your book! 

You can read more about School for Psychics by K. C. Archer here


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