Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks by Annie Spence

THIS BOOK. Oh you guysssss. Are you a book lover? Of course you are. You're here reading this or follow thousands of bookstagrammers on Instagram. So OF COURSE you love books. Guess what? Me too. And I was SO excited when Caroline Bleeke from Flatiron Books granted my book wishes and sent me a copy of Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence. It's a gem of a book. A GEM. So tiny, such a sweet illustrated cover and chock full of letters to books from a book lover, librarian and all around just really witty lady. This book made me laugh, made me roll my eyes and made me feel melancholy, thinking of life before my kiddos and life when I'm old and gray. The feelings you guys! ALL OF THEM. 

So here is a little letter to Miss Annie Spence, if she should ever happen upon this post out on the inter webs. 

Dear Annie, 

Can I call you Annie? Is that okay? I feel like after spending all day with you and your lovely little book of letters we are kinda friends, ya know? I feel like I KNOW you. On a friend level but also on a BOOK LOVER level and every one who loves books knows what I mean by that. 

You book, Dear Fahrenheit 451, oh gosh. Where to even begin? I loved it. I loved it the way I love a warm mug of hot chocolate and my fuzzy striped blanket on a cold winter Saturday afternoon. I cozied up with your book the other day and didn't want to put it down until I had finished. (But I did, because, kids.) You are so witty! The letter to the fancy bookshelf in the fancy apartment, yes. Been there. Wondering who in the world bought books just for "show" and where the creased spine thrillers or romance novels are really hidden. Mostly when I was babysitting for wealthy people, not so much at any fancy parties but same thing, I think. 
The truck book? YES. I can relate. So many of those board books make me want to bang my head against a wall, but oh for the joy of cultivating a reader, do I read them again and again. Thankfully we've moved on to The Magic Treehouse but even so....
Twilight? Yes. All the same sentiments except I probably would have picked it up off the table for a quarter at the end. Its Edward!! I mean Jacob. I MEAN EDWARD. 
My favorite letter was to The Time Traveler's Wife. By far. I read it myself when I was in my early twenties and I haven't reread it in years. Certainly not since I've had children or persevered through trials in my marriage. This letter spoke to me in a way only a true book lover friend can and made me promptly pull it off my shelf for a much needed reread. 
Oh there were many more letters that struck a chord. I can't name them all. But I loved each one for some reason or another (whether a witty quip about an outdated book or a truth laid bare that made me think). I also appreciated the list of actual book recommendations in the back. Thank you! My copy of The Wilds thanks you as well. 

So, dear Annie, my new found book lover friend. Can we be pen pals? 

Love a fellow book lover and conscientious library patron (I haven't accrued any fines in over two years. Thats a record AND a fact.)



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