City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Thank you Riverhead books for the free copy! 

"After a certain age we are all walking around this world in bodies made of secrets and shame and sorrow and old, unhealed injuries. Our hearts grow sore and misshapen around all this pain-yet somehow, still we carry on." p.342

I read in an interview Elizabeth Gilbert did recently about City of Girls that her comparison of this book was to a glass of champagne, calling it “light and bright, crisp and fun.” YES. City of Girls was all of these things and just what I needed to read the first week of June, to kick off summer! 

I felt like the story fell into two parts, kinda on its own. During the first section Vivian is a young girl with not a lot of experience in, well anything. Meanwhile, the theater she is staying in (owned by her Aunt Peg) is gearing up to put on a huge glitzy truly 1940's classic Broadway performance. This first half was just FUN and funny and charming all at once. It made me think of all of my favorite 1940's actresses and really gave me a feel for that period of time in NYC. 

The second portion of the story, for me, was after an incident in Vivian's personal life and following that the arrival of WWII. Vivian's character grew and changed (for the better!) as did those around her affected by the war. This second half we see Vivian's growth into adulthood. I loved when an author lets this happen! It felt different than the first section of the book, but also the same as it is Gilbert's amazing talent with characters and setting that pull you in alongside her easy to read writing. 

I highly recommend this book! It was everything a glass of champagne should be and more. 

To note: there are quite a few racy scenes that are easy to gloss over but also this is one (of many) themes to the story as well as a crucial part of Vivian's character throughout the book. Fair warning! :)


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