An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim

Thank you Touchstone Books for my free review copy of An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim. All opinions are my own. 

I went into reading An Ocean of Minutes excited by the references to The Time Travelers Wife and Station Eleven because both are stories I read and loved (although I find them to be vastly different in nature from each other). Regardless, I was beyond excited to read this story knowing how much I loved both of those books.

What I didn't expect while reading this book was how stressed and anxious the story made me. As the present day story progressed I started to really feel like I was right there with Polly. Her feelings and actions felt so real as well as the setting itself. I felt stifled in the Texas heat and lost on the streets of Buffalo right alongside her. Which is honestly one of my favorite things about reading...when a story is so well written that I feel like Im living it too. As much as Polly's story isn't maybe the most exciting or happiest, I didn't feel like any part of it fell flat. The alternating chapters that show us how Polly and Frank fell in love felt equally as real. No relationship is perfect and their highs and lows as a couple made Polly's decision all the more important.

My favorite quote of the book, one that Im still thinking of as the summer wanes away is this one:
"Somewhere a great epiphany broke forth; there's only ever going to be one one very day; there will be other days, but they won't be this day."

If you want a love story woven within a story about loss and finding your way home then I highly recommend this book! I really loved it.


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